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Company Cadillac has presented CTS-V Sport

Universal Cadillac

Company Cadillac has officially presented sport universal CTS-V Sport combining aggression and dynamics of sedan CTS-V with a practicality of the family car.

New universal Cadillac CTS-V

The serial car, which manufacture will begin in the end of 2010, will receive 6,2-l V8 with a turbo-supercharging, developing to 556HP.

As to other important elements of a running part they also are borrowed at sedan CTS-V. In particular, it is possible to note presence of firm brakes Brembo, shod wheels and sports tyres Michelin Pilot Sport PS2.

Cadilac CTS V Sport

CTS V Sport

Besides it, light-emitting diode illumination of salon, 14-item pneumatic adjustment of forward armchairs and 5.1 channel audiosystem Bose with DVD is offered to potential buyers. Also, there is a control system of a mobile phone through Bluetooth and 40 Gb hard disk for storage of a multimedia content, to load files in which is possible by means of port USB.

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