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Aerodynamic tuning by APR Performance

Tuning Infiniti G35

APR Performance has offered the aerodynamic tuning increasing the sizes of a body. Aerodynamic tuning increases each party of the car by 45 mm in front and on 50 mm behind. The increase in the sizes also has concerned wheels: forward disks have the size 20"x10" (285/25/20), back — 20"x12" (325/25/20).

Aerodynamic tuning for Infiniti G35 includes 2003-2007 also an additional a carbon covering of mirrors. Updating of mirrors includes also lenses with a wide corner of the review and a blue covering for the best safety.

Infiniti G35

Japanese car Infiniti

Tuning for Infiniti G35

Aerodynamic tuning for Infiniti G35

Cost of aerodynamic tuning for Infiniti G35: $4500US.

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