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New Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition

Civic Type R

Admirers of Honda trade mark have been revolted by recent news that the motor-car manufacturer stops release of sedan Civic Type R in August of this year.

Non-standard sedan

In this connection Honda plans start of limited release of Civic Type R till autumn of 2010. Nevertheless, admirers of this model should be warned that Civic Type R Limited Edition will not coincide with original standards.

Honda Civic Type R

Interior of Honda Civic

Honda Civic, interior

Strongest of Civic versions

Honda assumes to update external design, besides, already precisely it's known, — the model will be equipped by more powerful engine. Sedan Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition will receive additional 24HP.

Manufacture of the new car will begin at factory Honda in Swindon (Great Britain). Factory Suzuka in Japan collects a sedan of current generation.

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