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The sports version of hatchback Fiesta S1600

Hatchback Fiesta S1600

European branch of Ford has presented the new sports version of hatchback Fiesta — S1600, created on the basis of the car Zetec S.

Fiesta S1600 as Zetec S

Ford Fiesta S1600 it is possible to distinguish from standard updating of a hatchback on colour and a body-kit. On a choice to the potential buyer will offer or a dark blue body with white strips, or a white body with dark blue strips.

Petrol updating Ford Fiesta S1600 with the 1,6-l engine power of 120HP is completed with 17-inch wheels. Hatchback Ford Fiesta S1600 prepares for release the limited series of cars (650 copies), car cost in the market of the Great Britain: €19,152.

Limited Ford Fiesta S1600

Ford Fiesta S1600

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