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A Great Option for your Business


A lot of businesses offer their employees the opportunity to drive a company car. Unfortunately, this normally means that your employees have to offset a proportion of the value of the car against their earnings for tax purposes. This can be quite a problem to many employees, and it is not necessarily a policy that will endear you to your workers! A far better solution is to look into lease cars as an option for your employees. The best thing with this is that you offer your employees exactly the same possibilities – which is to drive around a brand new car which for the most part is not their responsibility, and on top of that, they will not have to hit their tax bill if you have the cars registered as pool cars for your business. This effectively means that the cars are for the use of all of your employees, and they do not have to take the responsibility of owning or maintaining them.

Of course, once you have this deal in place there are many advantages to you, the employer. You will now have a workforce driving about in nice new cars which will reflect well on the company. You will be projecting an image of success onto your business, which ultimately will be good for business! On top of that, excuses for your employees being late to work because of car troubles will be a thing of the past! Id there are any problems with the vehicles then the lease company who supplies them will deal with this. For me, leasing is the only choice to make.