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Hybrid Suzuki Swift: "Me wait this year..."

Hatchback Swift

First hybrids Suzuki Swift in number of 60 cars will arrive for the Japanese car dealers for testing till the end of 2010.

Hybrid Hatchback of New Generation

The car will be equipped by a power-plant developed together with company Sanyo. Electrobattery additional charge is carried out at the expense of the 0,66-litre petrol motor.

Earlier it was informed that company Suzuki has started tests of hatchback Swift of following generation. According to the preliminary information, the car will be constructed on absolutely new platform.

Hybrid Hatchback Suzuki Swift

Company Suzuki has declared the intention to make hybrid Swift in October, 2009 on the Tokyo motor show. In December of the same year, after acquisition by German Volkswagen of 19,9 percent of actives of Suzuki Motor, the companies has declared about the beginning of teamwork in the field of hybrid and electric cars.

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