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Toyota will create new versions of sportcars Supra and MR2

Toyota Supra

Toyota intends to head manufacturers of hybrid sportcars. Anyway, the next four years the company will make new versions of well-known sport cars MR2 and Supra. Ideological successors of these models will receive a hi-tech stuffing.

Replacement MR2 will take place in the end of 2013, thus the new car will equip with a hybrid power-plant on the basis of the petrol motor. Initially designers Toyota wished to establish on this car engine V6, however success Honda CR-Z in the Japanese car market has changed of they decision.

Supra creation of new generation goes practically in parallel with preparation of compact sports coupe FT-86 as term of its exit also has been shifted for 2013. However, without a competition of novelty Toyota do not remain, as the powerful corporations already declare about creation of hybrid cars, because: Honda (Honda CR-Z), Nissan (Nissan Juke) and Mitsubishi (Mitsubishi PX-MiEV) — have the cars on a full electric platforms.

For example, Nissan prepares two-door sports electrocars on the basis of Leaf platform, and Mitsubishi — the two-door sports version of a city electromobile i-MiEV. Besides, the hybrid unit will receive and Mitsubishi Evolution of the next generation.

Toyota Supra Hybrid