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Honda updated off-road car Acura MDX

Off-road car Acura MDX

Honda company presented in the USA the updated version of off-road car Acura MDX.

Acura MDX 2010

Luxury SUV 2010 received absolutely new six-step automatic transmission and 3,7-litre V6 with the lowered fuel consumption and a more ecologically safe exhaust. Outwardly the car differs from the predecessor more aggressive cowl with the massive chromeplated plate over a radiator enclosure and additional air intakes.

For the first time for owners Acura is offered the package of options the Advance, including adaptive cruise-control, compulsory braking and a number of other means of safety. Dealers Acura already started to accept orders on updated MDX, and off-road car manufacture begins in the near future at Honda factory in Canada.

New Acura MDX

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