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Chains of Antisliding For Wheels

Toyota RAV4

Our roads frequently leave much to be desired, because quality of a covering is not the ideal, and bad maintenance in winter (therefore ice and snow). Judging by an economy condition in Japan, the situation with roads not soon change to the best, therefore drivers should count only on themselves.

As is possible to increase passableness of the car and safety of driving, avoid car drifts on ice, to drive on snow-covered roads? In the decision of all these problems, motorists will be helped by tire chains, because for installation on wheels is not required special physical strength or special knowledge.

Car Chains

Antidrift chains are often applied to cars in the conditions of impassability, ice or in remote mountain areas where usual tyre covers are powerless.

Chains for wheels can be grouped in 4 basic directions:

1. Chains for cars.
2. Chains for lorries.
3. Chains for the winter technics.
4. Chains for agricultural machinery.
Chains for wheelsChains are capable to transform any car into an off-road car. For your car any more there will be no insuperable barriers in the form of snow drifts, dim roads and ice-covered liftings. Anyhow snow chains decide the primary goal — to increase considerably coupling of wheels with a road surface.

Depending on: a season, road conditions, marks of the car and your targets, differ kinds and practical application of snow chains.
For today, are issued:
* Rubber chains (plastic grids);
* Metal chains of various weaving;
* High-strength titan chains;
* Economic chains of short-term using (which dress on the got stuck wheels).
Remember! Rubber or steel chains provide safety on ice-covered road. Car chains are irreplaceable at movement on the iced over steep slopes which are difficult for overcoming even to off-road cars.

The Pewag Sportmatic SMX of chain with 3.5 mm links