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Dyno Dunk Tank

Car Show

If you like watching cars make big power on the dyno, this was the spot to be. Add in an AmericanMuscle girl getting completely soaked in water, and it was a win for everybody! This exciting new contest emerged this year at our 2010 Car Show, and was dubbed the Dyno Dunk Tank competition.

How Does It Work?

1. Tell Us the Modifications on your Mustang
2. We Guess a Target Horsepower Number
3. Beat the Number, Dunk the AM Girls!
Our AM Girls, Stephanie and Melissa, were notably dropped in the water by a 3.4L Whipple Supercharged Cobra and Supercharged S197 V6 Mustang! With nearly 30 Mustangs strapped down to the dyno before the day was over, we estimated nearly 12,000-15,000 horsepower recorded throughout the day. Check out the video and make sure to comment below.