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Nissan changed Murano style

Nissan Murano

Nissan company extended the first official photos of new version of crossover Murano equipped with the diesel engine.

Updated Nissan Murano

To provide the motor with additional cooling, engineers of the Japanese manufacturer had to change design of a front part of a body. In this connection the crossover had a new front bumper with the increased air intakes and new fog lights, and also more aggressive radiator enclosure.

Nissan Murano

Crossover Nissan Murano

The new crossover will be equipped with the 2,5-litre four-cylinder diesel engine with capacity of 190HP (the maximum twisting moment of 450Nm) which can work together with an adaptive 6-step automatic transmission. In the commixed fuel consumption Nissan Murano makes 8 litres of fuel on 100 kilometres of run. CO2 level: 210 grammes/km.

In Europe the first owners receive a novelty in September of current year. The prices for the car in this market begin from 42,600 euro.

SUV Nissan Murano SL

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