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Mazda has shown a new hatchback

New Mazda

Mazda company presented official images of the compact three-door hatchback executed in a new corporate style of Japanese cars Mazda which has been presented for the first time in the end of August.

Next Mazda

The new corporate style of the Mazda company is named by Japanese word Kodo — «Soul of Motion». As the chief-designer of Mazda Ikudo Maeda earlier declared, in similar style all cars of Japanese mark which appear in the car market in the near future will be sustained.

Soul of Motion — New Design by Mazda

Future Mazda

Prototype of Shinari came in the stead of concept car Nagare which has been shown for the first time in 2006 and till now is prototype of all models of company Mazda.

Minivan Mazda5 of following generation will be a latest model with design in stylistics Nagare.

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