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Toyota Verso-S appears on sale in February, 2011

Toyota Verso

New compact minivans strengthens a competition in a modelling segment «B» and expands Toyota lineup in Europe.

2011 Toyota Verso S

Without superfluous grandiosity Toyota announced in Paris Motor Show new compact minivans. Toyota asserts that the novelty is entered in segment «B» only on external dimensions. The interior and equipment should become a basis of appeal Verso-S. The model in a segment receives for the first time the multipurpose touch screen on the central extension housing. The rear-view camera and rear parking gauges is established also.

Interior Toyota Verso

The panoramic roof is accessible to ample opportunities of transformation of interior, and also for comfort increase. The maximum volume for load makes impressive 1 388L at the combined seats. The rear seat develops in the ratio 60/40, forming an equal platform.

Toyota Verso S

For Toyota Verso-S offer two engines: a diesel engine and petrol. The 1,4-l diesel engine has capacity in 90HP and a twisting moment in 205Nm. In a range between 1 800 and 2 800 rpm. The petrol 1,33-l engine possesses capacity in 99HP and a twisting moment in 126Nm. Fuel consumption in the petrol version makes, 5,5 l/100 km, and in diesel — 4,3 l/100 km agree to the data of the manufacturer.

Both engines in a standard complete set are combined with 6-step mechanical transmission. For surcharge the petrol version can be got from the robotised 6-step check point, and diesel — with a variator having 7 virtual steps.

On Toyota Verso-S sale appears in February of the next year (also as updated Toyota Auris). Detailed structure of complete sets and the price will be published later.

Toyota Verso S on the Paris Motor Show 2010

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