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New Essence by Infiniti

Infiniti hatchback

Infiniti will present on Geneva motor show (in March of next year) the conceptual three-door hatchback.

Infiniti representatives said:

"The serial version of this car will be shown in the autumn on a showroom in Frankfurt or Tokyo. The Geneva concept car will be something very especial, will differ from everything that we did earlier. It will be the small car which surpasses all your expectations."
It's expected that the three-door Infiniti hatchback will be constructed on a platform of Mercedes-Benz A-Class of following generation which the Japanese manufacturer receives within the limits of cooperation between concern Daimler and Renault-Nissan alliance. As it was informed earlier, the same chassis in the future is planned to use and for a new compact crossover Infiniti FX.

2011 Infiniti

Concept Infiniti

Hatchback Infiniti


Infiniti concept

Besides a hatchback, Infiniti company also prepares compact electrocar which, according to preliminary data, will be constructed on the basis of Nissan Leaf car. Thus Infiniti borrows also Leaf power-plant, completed with the 109-strong electromotor. The cruising range of this car makes 160 km, and the maximum speed reaches 140 km/h. It's expected that sales of Infiniti electromobile begin in 2013.

2011 Infiniti Essence Concept Car