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The hybrid hatchback of Lexus

Lexus CT 200h F

On a motor show in Sydney Lexus company presented hybrid car CT 200h with sport package F Sport.

2011 Lexus CT 200h F

The firm program of completions includes: possibility of dark blue body (is offered only for "charged" sedan IS-F), installation of a new radiator enclosure, more aggressive front bumper, and also other wheel disks. Also the car with sport package F Sport receives the modernised interior with a new steering wheel, metal mouldings on a pedal, and other mouldings on thresholds in style IS-F.

Besides it, for a hybrid hatchback the recustomized suspender is offered. According to representatives of Lexus, in this car a roadability improved, and also noise and vibrations decreased. The power-plant of model CT 200h did not undergo to changes.

The European car sales of Lexus CT 200h begin in the middle of October. The first buyers can receive the car by the end of current year.

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