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BMW M3 sedan

Legendary Vorsteiner studio's knowingly has a German Trade Mark, because predilections at studio is true-German. The tuning firm specialises on a car tuning of such cars, as: Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, BMW, VW. But, the tuning studio is placed not in German Bavaria or a Scandinavian Lapland, - studio was born in solar California (!).

BMW M3 by Vorsteiner Tuners

For BMW M3 Tuning sedans & coupes by studio Vorsteiner is presented the limited GTS3 tuning series. Californian tuners traditionally willingly modernised the Bavarian cars, in particular, Vorsteiner master's has made tuning packages for the 3-, 4-, 6-Series and, certainly, for M-Series.

The secret weapon of tuning studio Vorsteiner — body-kits and bumper are create only by carbon materials, thus, this tuning staff is improving aerodynamics and allowing to lower car weight. Besides it, the titanic exhaust system allows to save additional kgs of car weight. However, about max. seconds and prices on these Cool Cars in head office hold back.

2010 BMW M3
BMW M3-Series
BMW M3 cabrio

GTRS3 Widebody for BMW M3