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2012 Range Rover Sport
Range Rover Sport

The new generation of Range Rover Sport will developed for a mass sales in period of 2011-2012. New Range Rover will have important difference from the present off-road car — an aluminium body arrangement.

2012 Range Rover Sport

On 2012 Range Rover the same technology of assembly of an aluminium body, as on Jaguar XJ will be used. And though "the parental" Ford company for the present did not give the official permission on use of the patented technology for Range Rover, authoritative auto sources believe that this permission will be received within the next months. The easy aluminium Range Rover body allows to lose about 40% of the present weight.

New Range Rover Sport
2012 Range Rover Sport
Range Rover
2011 Range Rover Sport

Following generation of 2012 Range Rover Sport equip with a set of the new and updated motors developed by Land Rover together with the Jaguar company.

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