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Lexus LS460 Sport by Platinum Motorsport

Lexus LS460

Lexus LS was a brand leader, but now the car should search for new lines to strengthen sensation of style and to impress buyers. The US Platinum Motorsport tuners is shown a new kit-packages to make indelible impression from 2011 Lexus LS460.

Lexus LS460 Sport

Platinum Motorsport offers a new front bumper with low landing, a radiator enclosure and lateral skirts. The rear bumper is left without changes. Wheel disks — Agetro W150 (22-inch) have been added for impressing of sports style from Lexus LS460 Sport. The car has been offered in nacreous blue that gives more aerodynamical shape to LS460 Sport.

Agetro W150

As well as in the majority of the tuning projects, Platinum Motorsport left the engine for Lexus LS untouched, fairly considering that standard V8 engine (380HP/367Nm) will be enough for city racers.