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Toyota showed the Big Prius to Detroit

Minivan Toyota Prius V

Toyota Motor presented on Detroit Motor Show compact minivan Prius which received an additional prefix V. According to representatives of the Japanese manufacturer, the novelty have a 50% more place in a baggage compartment, than at usual Prius.

Toyota Prius: from Hybrid to Minivan

The novelty overall length — 4,615 mm, width — 1,775 mm, the height — 1,574 mm, and reaches the size of a wheelbase of 2,778 mm. It on 115, 30, 74 and 78 mm accordingly more than at usual Toyota Prius Coupe. Volume of a luggage compartment of a compact minivan of Toyota Prius V — 971 litre. Besides, it is possible to prolong a loading platform for transportation of large-sized cargoes, completely combining a back of an armchair of the front passenger.

Compact Minivan Toyota

Minivan Prius

2011 Toyota Prius V

Toyota Prius V

Also, a new minivan Toyota Prius have a new central extension housing. The form of the extension housing first of all changed, the lever of a gear box and the starting engine operation button have been transferred hardly above, the new block of climate control, other air vents of system of ventilation, and also new multimedia system by Entune with advanced navigation.

In the technical plan the compact minivan differs nothing from a Prius hatchback. According to the manufacturer, in a city cycle fuel consumption the compact minivan makes 5,6 litres/100 km, and in mixed — 5,8 litres.

In the US car market of sale of a new Toyota Prius begin since summer of current year.

2011 Toyota Prius V Concept