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2012 Audi Q7
2011 Audi Q7

German tuning studio «Mr Car Design» offered own variant of Audi Q7. Besides easy alteration of forward face, Germans tuners created also aerodynamic body-kit.

Audi Q7 Updated by High Class Automotive Experts

Tuner experts from studio «Mr Car Design» took care of those owners of Audi Q7 with diesel V8 which had not time to exchange the crossover for the variant modernised by factory (i.e. with turbo-engine variators). By means of a tuning body-kit offered by tuning studio, it's possible to modernise own Q7, without exchange.

The new front bumper created in full conformity with last design tendencies of Audi brand was added to tuning package of presented Q7. Light-emitting diode day lamps, and also new head optics are already integrated into this bumper. Also Automotive Enthusiasts suggest to replace back lights on a new halogen lights.

The interior underwent also easy update. In particular, tuner masters replaced a steering wheel from more aggressive variant (by Audi RS6).

Audi Q7
Audi Q7 (crossover)
New Audi Q7