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Toyota Mark X Zio

Toyota company carried out small modernisation of cars Toyota Mark X Zio. Sales of the updated versions began on February, 14th.

2011 Toyota Mark X Zio

As a result of modernisation was updated the design of a radiator enclosure and aluminium wheels, it gave to cars more sports style as Hybrid Toyota Prius by TOMMYKAIRA. Besides, new colour — is dark-steel became accessible. In total it's possible to choose from 6 variants of coloring. The design of interior Toyota Zio also changed. The covering of seats was updated, and the steering wheel got leather covering.

Toyota Mark
2011 Toyota Mark X Zio

Besides, there were some changes in accessible complete sets, thus complete sets 240 «Five Style» and 240G are offered now for more reasonable price. For a month it's planned to sell 1,000 copies of updated electromobile Toyota. The prices vary within 2,470,000-3,400,000 Yens.