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Chevrolet Cruze For Geneva

Hatchback Cruze

In March on a Motor Show in Geneva Chevrolet company presents the serial version of five-door hatchback Cruze. The prototype of this car the first time was shown in October of last year in Paris.

2011 Chevrolet Cruze (hatchback)

According to representatives of Chevrolet transport department, for the European car market a new hatchback Cruze will be offered with a new ruler of engines among which becomes the basis the two-litre diesel engine (150HP, 320Nm) and a five-step mechanical gear box. The similar power-plant also is applied on a universal Chevrolet Cruze.

Besides it, for five-door Cruze it will be possible to order one of two petrol motors: the 113-strong engine in volume of 1,6 litres or the 141-strong motor in volume of 1,8 litres.

As it was informed earlier, Chevrolet Cruze S/LS was developed especially for requirements of the European car market where cars with similar body type use steady demand.

Chevrolet Cruze LS
Sedan Chevrolet Cruze LS