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Nissan Moco 2.0

Nissan Moco

Nissan company carried out full modernisation of minivan Nissan Moco. Novelty sales began on February, 15th.

2011 Nissan Moco

The car underwent some changes in design. The design of head lights, the front bumper and a radiator enclosure was updated. Besides, the design of the rear combined, and headlights was replaced. As to accessible colours, Nissan van is presented in 4 new colouring. In total it's possible to choose from 6 colours.

The panel of devices of a new Nissan prototype is executed in black colour. Covering of seats is executed in brown colour. Thanks to a new platform, the length of interior increased by 180 mm, thus it give to passengers the big comfort.

The prices for updated Nissan special will make, depending on a complete set, 1,079,400-1,510,950 Yens (or $12,700-18,155US at a current rate). For a month it's planned to sell 4000 copies of the modernised cars.