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FleetMatics 8.0 GPS Fleet Tracking System

GPS Fleet Tracking System

FleetMatics leads in the market when it comes to the development of GPS tracking systems which are meant for use in commercial fleet vehicles. The new application comes in a variety of features which are designed in order to offer the fleet owners with the most powerful tools for a customized performance. In this kit, one can at a great deal save on the cost, boost the production levels as well as enhance on the revenue generation. This application ought to show the public that the company is greatly committed at providing the fleet industry with the best in the market.

The new mobile application for fleet tracking is meant to offer portability. The features in it are meant to offer the user with a host of services. They can view the location of the vehicle anytime the wish, view any reports, alerts as well as dashboards when they feel like. In other cases, one is also able to view the transactions being carried out using the vehicle’s fuel cards. This application offers a great time in the management of a fleet whenever you are in the office or outside in the field handling other duties right from the comfort of your smart-phone.