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Driving License in the United States

The US Car Trends

Almost each American (only 16+ years old) has a driving license which are the basic document proving the identity. It's possible to manage, of course, and without them if you live in a city with the developed public transport.

But there are in the USA cities where the public transport is not present in general because in each family there is a car and not one. Roads in the United States is a very good, therefore the car in the US is a ideal means of transportation.

The Department of Motor Vehicles or the Department Of Transportation?

To receive the driving license in the USA it's possible in special establishment under name of the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) or the DOT (Department Of Transportation). The each US State can independently establish rules of reception of a driving license. Usually, reception of a driving license in the USA occurs in that State in which the driver lives. But, anyhow I know that the DMV test answers everywhere almost identical, probably only a semantic part of a question changes.

Driving license in the US can be received only with a certain package of documents. To receive a driving license in the USA in the DMV it's necessary to give the Social Security Card and the Identification Card. But, depending on a State and even the DMV office the obligatory documents can differ. For example, for realization of the DMV Test is required also the medical insurance and the inquiry from the psychologist.

Features of the Nation Driving License

US Road Signs

In the USA there is a quantity of features which necessarily should be considered if driving a car. For journey with three and more passengers there is a special road strip. Don't driving on this strip without passengers. The heavy fine threatens if to throw out a garbage into a window.

The drivers license strictly obliges, when the school bus carries children to school or home (thus a child should leave or come) the bus driver throws back a "STOP" sign, and all surrounding drivers are obliged to wait. Many traffic regulations are individual in each staff, therefore it's necessary necessary to know their.