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The US Traffic Life

Welcome to the USA!

Hire of Japanese Cars In the USA

To hire the car in the USA, it's necessary to have at itself the international driving license or the drivers license of the USA and to possess a credit card (some agencies ask only the cash). The personal life insurance is obligatory. All insurance operates only in territory of the USA and Canada.
The insurance will be action in several cases: if the driver was sober if the driver did not make a criminal offense at the moment of a road incident, in case of physical injuries, traumas etc. At observance specified above insurance conditions come into force without dependence from the one who was guilty in incident.

The Driver Knowledge is the Life of a Driver!

To get the drivers license in the United States, it's necessary to carry out the driving test. The examination is divided into two stages: the sad theory and the crazy practice. For a training I recommend to practise a free DMV practice test.

The theoretical part of the driving test represents the written test for knowledge of the State traffic regulations, whose driver's licences you receive. This test is not difficult, because the traffic regulations in the USA are made so that as much as possible to simplify the driver's life (and to the pedestrian, of course). The driver's manual can be received free of charge directly at the local DMV office (for example, my DMV office is the DMV of North Carolina).

After the successful theory the candidate receives the Learner's permit which grant the right to limited driving (two-three, sometimes 6 months). Such drivers licence in the USA have a number of restrictions. For example, a public conveyance can be forbidden, usual driving without a supervision of the person having the high-grade driver's license also can be forbidden etc.

When you will be ready to the test driving (in some States not earlier than in three months) you can register in the DMV for any convenient time. The road test is simple who has the true driving experience (video games is it jokes).
Special attention for Americans — the traffic safety. Don't forget to supervise «blind zones» at maneuvering and to look back when you hand over back. All these features of traffic are carefully deciphered in the DMV Test Virginia.
You are to be constantly attentive!

The US Traffic Police: Law & Rule

Don't argue with the policeman if you broke the rules, to be better the frankly confess. For frivolous infringements the police most likely doesn't make a foul card, and will be limited to short lecture on a theme: «Why small trolls break the true rules?», but if you have a true infringement of traffic regulations — the penalty will need to paying into a 15 days period, or welcome to the court.

If the police car or the motorcycle with "flashers" follow to your car — slowly use a turning movement and smoothly stop on a road shoulder (don't disturb the road rules especially in this moment). Further, put down the hands on a car wheel and wait, wait, wait...
Welcome to the USA!