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2012 BMW 640d Coupe Review

Now in its third technology, the new BMW 6-Series Coupé takes the extravagance 2+2 idea a step further by corresponding enjoyment and stylish style with wearing overall performance on a even advanced level. The BMW 6-Series Coupé functions a capturing coupé roofline while the extensive hood, short over-hangs, set-back traveler area with Hofmeister kink, extensive wheelbase and smooth middle include the common size of a BMW coupé more than any other model.

Two remarkable BMW turbocharged gas applications and a double turbocharged diesel-powered website, a recently developed case and a coordinator of class-leading car owner assistance technology ensure that the new BMW 6-Series Coupé is complete of material, while internal space and relaxation have been improved.

2012 BMW 640d Coupe
2012 BMW 640d Coupe


The new BMW 6-Series Coupé functions a extensive capturing hood, set-back traveler area and streaming roof-line. Its now traditional BMW "shark nose", with a large, forward-slanted BMW renal grill, wide air content, wide, shaped hood and muscle rim archways, allude to the highly effective engine below. Influenced by the activity of water, the liquid collections of the car incorporate with the slightly rounded materials to create a look of sports style, which together with the 74mm increase long and 5mm lower level makes a highly effective position.

Character collections extending the complete of your body determine the aspect view of the BMW 6-Series Coupé. The extensive, smooth hood elongates the outline while the top sweeps down in one liquid range, mixing with the main body easily, in an stylish coupé fashion, while the comtemporary glass only looks gates and internet explorer aspect window edge stress the firm collections of the typically BMW Hofmeister kink.

2012 BMW 640d Coupe
2012 BMW 640d Coupe

From the back, huge rim archways and lines of horizontally type emphasize the wide track of the new BMW 6-Series Coupé, alluding to its wearing efficiency and amazing street positioning. Two-part back gentle groups give the common BMW L-shape lighting a particularly nice, energetic side. Inside the models, two LED-powered gentle pieces create a stunning night-time look. The back symptoms and braking system lighting also use LED models.

Longer, lower and greater, the new car is larger in every sizing than its forerunner except level, where it now appears half a centimetre better the earth. At 4,894mm in length, the new style is 74mm a longer period than its forerunner, while the wheelbase has expanded in the same way, to 2,855mm. The car has also produced by 39mm in greater, and now methods 1,894mm across, while 5mm have been shaved off its level.

As standard the new BMW 6-Series Coupé is outfitted with xenon front lights that have BMW's well known increase corona look while high-quality internet explorer components, such as the fog lights made up of a sequence of three LED models, on the external sides of the front attire emphasize the greater of the car.

Optional Flexible LED Headlights are available for the first some time to offer a white gentle, similar to natural sunlight, with low stream and higher stream LED gentle happens to be. Horizontal LED bones are in the center of the gentle happens to be guaranteeing BMW's characteristic increase around front lights look is indicated in a specifically fresh way. More than just style over material, the Flexible LED lighting instantly rotate and adapt to the line of the part with regards to the car speed, guiding position and yaw rate to offer the best exposure possible for the car owner.
The interior: made to evaluate extravagance for four

Despite its lower level, the new 2+2 BMW 6-Series Coupé provides increased headroom in both the top side and the back, and level change of the car owner and front side traveler chairs now take care of a increased range too. The individual back units also offer travelers with additional neck and knee room, making for more relaxed touring.

2012 BMW 640d Coupe
2012 BMW 640d Coupe

The front side traveler place is outlined by a exterior bending stylishly from the armrest over the side side of the center system, up-wards and in an outward direction into the device section and then side into the entrance decrease, around the top side traveler place with a sensation of unique protection.

In track with the relax of the car optimized efficiency and increased relaxation, the new BMW 6-Series Coupé is installed with recently designed light and portable chairs with a car seatbelt system and Easy Admittance operate to the back traveler compartment: a brief tap of a swap instantly goes the chair as far ahead as possible. Athletics chairs and Comfort chairs can be installed as an option too. The start can provide 460 ltrs of baggage, comparative to three 46-inch golf luggage or two method hard-shell cases and a journey case. To use the back space further the back chairs can be specified with a through-loading ski hatch out, enabling two units of snowboard to be carried with convenience.


The new BMW 6-Series Coupé is available with two gas applications and one diesel-powered engine: the 650i, 640i and 640d respectively.

2012 BMW 640d Coupe
2012 BMW 640d Coupe

The globe's sportiest diesel-powered website is a 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged in-line six-cylinder device generating 313hp at 4,400rpm and 630Nm of twisting from only 1,500rpm with the help of diverse geometry turbocharging. The BMW 640d Coupé is capable of increasing from zero to 62mph in 5.5seconds before leading out at an electronicallylimited top rate of 155mph.

It does this efficiency pleasantness of constant turbochargers, one lesser than the other, that offer a near ongoing trend of twisting from low revs. A complicated understanding of spend entrance in the fatigue make sure the sleek move from one turbocompresseur to another as the revs increase. The BMW 640d Coupé is installed as conventional with an eight-speed automated gearbox with Vehicle Start-Stop and effective air flap behind the renal grill. Such technological innovation experience is the reason why the style provides fast efficiency but can still obtain 51.4mpg on the put together never-ending cycle and history CO2 pollutants of 145g/km.
The 4.4-litre eight-cylinder website in the new BMW 650i Coupé is unique in that the prepare of turbochargers are in the V-shaped area between the pump banks. This design results in more powerful appearance and greater website efficiency. A highest possible 407hp is developed between 5,500 and 6,400rpm, with high twisting of 600Nm available between 1,750 and 4,500rpm.

The new BMW 650i Coupé strolling from zero to 62mph in 4.9 mere a few moments, with a top rate digitally restricted to 155mph. For a design of such extreme efficiency and accomplishment, it is also amazingly powerful, with average put together gas using 26.6mpg and CO2 pollutants of 246g/km.

The six-cylinder in-line website in the new BMW 640i Coupé uses single turbo charger technological innovation together with gas direct shot with VALVETRONIC fully diverse device management. This enables the 3.0-litre unit to develop a highest possible 320hp at 5,800rpm and highest possible twisting of 450Nm between 1,300 and 4,500rpm. This website activates the BMW 640i Coupé from zero to 62mph in 5.4 mere a few moments and on to an digitally restricted top rate of 155 mph.

Perhaps even more amazing are its efficiency results. The BMW 640i Coupé does 36.2mpg on the put together never-ending cycle, while CO2 pollutants are only 181g/km, demonstrating that at BMW magnificent wearing efficiency does not come at the expense of economy. Indeed, this design, like the 640d, is installed as conventional with an automated gearbox that functions Auto Start-Stop technological innovation and an automated active air flap management behind the car renal grill for the best possible exhaust.


Fuel saving technological innovation called ECO PRO method is offered on the 6-Series. By a touch of the Drive Energetic Control button ECO PRO method changes the website management system, reduce applying and gear-shift features to give preference to a comfortable, lowrevving generating design. At the same time, energy usage for digitally controlled functions such as heating and cooling is specific to make sure highest possible efficiency. A display on the device group keeps the car owner informed of the energy efficiency being obtained to motivate an reasonable generating design.

2012 BMW 640d Coupe
2012 BMW 640d Coupe

As with all BMWs, the new 6-Series Coupé comes with a number of BMW EfficientDynamics measures to reduce gas usage and pollutants. In addition to the functions outlined on the 640i Coupé and 640d Coupé, all models have technological innovation such as Braking system Energy Renewal, Electric Power Guiding (EPS), the need-based function of supplementary elements and brilliant light and portable construction to make sure highest possible efficiency as conventional.

An eight-speed Game automated gear box is conventional fitting on all three designs, and its broad range of rates offer a perfect balance of muscle, sprint efficiency, enhanced broadband touring and low rate efficiency.


The recently developed case of the new BMW 6-Series Coupé comes as conventional with Generate Energetic Control, which allows individuals to choose how sensitive they want the gear box, guiding and reduce to be, while the Flexible Generate system is available as an option with electric managed dampers and anti-roll stabilisation.

2012 BMW 640d Coupe
2012 BMW 640d Coupe
Both the increase wishbone front axle and the important back axle are made primarily from alloy. The case set-up is targeted to the specifications of individuals looking for a wearing personality, although the dampers also answer sensitively to lumps in the road exterior under higher side speed.