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2007 Peugeot 908 V12 HDi DPFS

On 14 May 2005, Peugeot declared its decision to take a new technical challenge: to win one of the most famous and strenuous motor events, the Le Guys 24 Hours, with a car operated by an HDi diesel fuel engine outfitted with a diesel fuel air particle narrow system (DPFS).

This renowned competition, which every year draws more than 200,000 viewers, will provide Peugeot with an opportunity to communicate fully the enshrined in its philosophy: quality, confirmed by the choice of stamina in addition to stability, anticipating the waves, emphasised by a team obstacle based on efficiency, looks, shown by the vehicle's pet information, and finally advancement, indicated amongst other ways through the use of technology designed to secure the planet.

The car that will screen the Peugeot colors in the Le Guys 24 Time competition and in the "Le Guys Series" in 2007 will be the Peugeot 908. The option of variety comes from, "90" assigning an remarkable Peugeot design and 8 the next variety in sequence after the 907 idea car.

The option of body design is that of a shut car, in range with changes to the rules declared by the Vehicle Group de l'Ouest on 16 May 2006. Similarly there was also a wish to keep a weblink with the two-times victorious one of the Le Guys 24 Time in 1992 and 1993, the Peugeot 905.

While from a specialized perspective this remedy provides a variety of disadvantages (weight, top of the hub of severity, functional problems), the Peugeot Game team sensed that it also provides benefits, particularly with regards to case hardness and the rules of aerodynamics.