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2008 Venturi Volage Concept

Caused by close technical cooperation between Venturi Automobiles and Michelin, the Venturi Volage, provided for the first time at the "Mondial 2008" (Paris Powerplant Show), represents a significant advancement in the progress of the Automobile.

This new Venturi features enhancements which have permitted extreme changes with regards to the car structure, style, energetic behavior and, more usually, the design of a contemporary vehicle.

All these changes comprise several world premières which, with the display of the Venturi Volage, strengthen Venturi's functionality for continuous advancement, as well as its place as the most innovative company in the area of electrical powered vehicles.


With 4 generate tires with active revocation, the Venturi Volage has no comparative. "Michelin Dynamic Wheel" technological innovation in fact features 2 power engines per rim (1 for revocation and 1 for drive), ie. a complete of 8 power engines piloted instantly by spearhead gadgets.

Like the process of a watch, all the elements, engines, items reduction units and headgear, are reduced in size and built into the tires.

The active power absorber system allows for complete version to the type of street exterior and driving. Mixing Michelin's experience in the area of exterior contact with that of Venturi for the case, the Venturi Volage symbolizes in its street holding, drivability and quiet performing, the summum of today's vehicle technological innovation.