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2015 Bentley Continental GT V8 S Coupé review Car Price Concept

2015 Bentley Continental GT V8 S Coupé review specs engine interior Car Price Concept-It's an auto that has been with us in its present era since 2011, however the essential outline has been kicking around since 2003, being both in a flash unmistakable and a captivating divider of supposition among current society. Whatever your musings on it, there's no denying that the Continental GT has been a win for Bentley.
It's anything but difficult to overlook the GT is offered with a V8, given that for so long it was synonymous with the company's mammoth W12, however this S Coupé model's twin-turbocharged 4.0 V8 is definitely not useless. The V8 S will sprint from 0-62mph in only 4.5sec - in spite of saying something overabundance of 2.2 tons - and will bear on to 192mph.
To recap, Bentley presented the V8 S as an all the more wearing different option for the passage level, standard V8. All things considered, it gets more power (521bhp versus 500bhp), 10mm lower game suspension and spring rates expanded by 45% at the front and 33% at the back. Its shrubs are stiffer, as well, as is its back hostile to move bar. It's really firm, then.

2015 Bentley Continental GT V8 S Coupé review specs engine interior Car Price Concept
2015 Bentley Continental GT V8 S Coupé review specs engine interior Car Price Concept
Past that the V8 S profits by an amended controlling framework intended to offer more accuracy, and its footing control has its dial turned somewhat advance towards 'fun'. Like all Conti GTs, there's an all-wheel drive framework with a 60/40 force split for the back haggles Torsen differential to endeavor it.
Bentley's 2015 facelift of its GT has rather left the V8 in the shadow of the W12, the recent getting a force and torque climb to significantly more silly levels. Indeed, even in this way, the V8 still gets another guard, identification and amalgam wheel plans, an alternate back spoiler, better standard gear and the choice of installed wi-fi.
2015 Bentley Continental GT V8 S Coupé review specs engine interior Car Price Concept
2015 Bentley Continental GT V8 S Coupé review specs engine interior Car Price Concept
What's it like?:
Still the pick of the reach, while never feeling like a reasoning man's Bentley - which as a matter of fact is troublesome for any Conti GT to oversee given that the least expensive model expenses £140,300. To be sure, this V8 is a motor that offers all the essential execution and refinement, yet additionally enough character to put forth the defense for picking it over the W12 a genuinely solid one.
While its top force is up at 6000rpm, you'll see that crest torque touches base at only 1700rpm. As a general rule there's a better than average bung of that accessible from 1500rpm, helping this two-ton get together of chrome and calfskin stagger both off the line and in rigging with amazing criticalness.
Pull the GT's chilly chrome apparatus lever once again into Sport and that desperation turns out to be verging on savage. The riggings are clutched longer in auto mode however respond all the more immediately while picking them yourself, while the throttle is made more delicate. You're never stuck to your seat supercar-style, however the V8 S's sweeping torque band and shake unfaltering footing unquestionably has your fullest consideration.
The W12 is snappier, yes, yet plant in a steady progression and we'd wager the V8's dissonance will incite the greater grin. Its gurgling burble around town is changed into a spitting, grating roar as the revs assemble with our auto's discretionary game fumes fitted, dissimilar to the W12's more consistent, crying, bassy exertion.
Our auto was fitted with carbon-artistic brakes as a component of the same Extended Sport Specification pack that likewise incorporates a games fumes and some additional carbonfibre touches about the spot. The expense? £14,380. Ouch. We're not certain about the carbonfibre prospers inside, but rather the fumes and redesigned brakes are all that much justified regardless of the additional in the event that you can extend to it, and we'll accept you presumably can.
Critically, it is still remarkably refined when you need it to be. Indeed, even past the national pace point of confinement, wind and street commotion are splendidly contained, and that severe V8 is effortlessly tamed as a tender voyage once pulled out of Sport mode. Its capacity to swap from eight to four of its chambers in an offer to spare fuel at a journey goes totally unnoticed, as well.
Alright, so it has the force, however is it really an auto you'll appreciate threading along a tight, bending British B-street? To put it plainly, not by any means, however it's effectively one of the best illustrations of a GT to drive energetically. You'd barely call the front end sharp, yet it unquestionably takes after your guiding inputs more intently than in different adaptations, while the GT's expansive body remains astonishingly upright.
Try not to peruse into the 60/40 force split and differential excessively, either. The GT's grasp is stupendous, and you could spend throughout the day attempting to slacken the back pivot without any result - in spite of the fact that the auto's sheer size makes this a to some degree unenjoyable interest regardless. Pretty much as drawing in is the way its four tires stay put, and exploring different avenues regarding exactly how early you can get back on the force and fire yourself out.
The GT's air suspension can be physically changed in accordance with fluctuating degrees in the middle of Comfort and Sport settings, and in its cushiest setting it makes a fine long-separation friend. There's the odd shiver over the most honed edges and some vibration move down through the controlling section, however nothing that is eventually off-putting.
In general, you ought to feel content with the GT's inside having dropped your £150,000. Bentley's trademark cowhide clad "wings" cast shadows over lavish trim additions and the four chrome air vents looks and feel top-drawer. There's next to no plastic anyplace, with all that you come into contact with furnishing a honest to goodness feeling of robustness.
Haggle modification are liberal for the driver and two tall grown-ups will have no issue fitting in advance. The back seats are fine for youngsters or normal measured grown-ups the length of those in the front aren't BFG-like themselves. Boot space is shockingly valuable, if somewhat shallow and with restricted access.
2015 Bentley Continental GT V8 S Coupé review specs engine interior Car Price Concept
2015 Bentley Continental GT V8 S Coupé review specs engine interior Car Price Concept
Should I purchase one?:
Yes, yes you ought to. In case you're concentrating on the GT handout, then rest guaranteed that spending another £9500 on this V8 S over the gentler and marginally slower standard V8 Coupé is justified regardless of each penny in the event that you appreciate taking your GT by the scruff of the neck once in a while.
Obviously, for some it will must be the W12 and that's it. Identification matters. In any case, really, the V8 S Coupé is the sweet spot of this reach. It isn't the speediest in a sprint, nor the fastest as far as greatest velocity, however its lighter nose is the more pleasant despite everything it figures out how to play the stupendous tourer card amazingly well when you require it to.
Bentley Continental GT V8 S
Area Hampshire; On Sale Now; Price £149,800; Engine V8, 3993cc, turbocharged, petrol; Power 521bhp at 6000rpm; Torque 502lb ft at 1700rpm; Gearbox 8-speed auto; Kerb weight 2295kg; Top velocity 192mph; 0-62mph 4.5sec; Economy 26.4mpg (consolidated); CO2/assessment band 250g