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2015 Lotus Exige Sport 350 Review Car Price Concept

2015 Lotus Exige Sport 350 Review Engine Interior Specs Car Price Concept-The limits between the first Exige and the Elise it was created from were obscured by the truth they were in a general sense the same auto, sharing fundamental format and four-barrel motors.
The Exige was dependably the no-nonsense, track-day-prepared form however, accompanying a settled as opposed to fabric rooftop and progressively strong conditions of tune with regards to its devotee center. At that point the landing of the supercharged V6 motor from the Evora S in 2012 achieved an altogether different Exige S, one significantly more powerful and quick than any that had gone some time recently.
Roadster, programmed and race-prepared Cup forms constructed by Lotus Motorsport have taken after, yet with this new Sport 350 Lotus has brought the pace of the most amazing variations into its standard Exige. Furthermore, it's done it in an extremely Lotus way - principally by evacuating weight.

2015 Lotus Exige Sport 350 Review Engine Interior Specs Car Price Concept
2015 Lotus Exige Sport 350 Review Engine Interior Specs Car Price Concept
Each and every part has been investigated for its motivation, weight and cost. On the off chance that it wasn't required it was essentially dumped - the close futile sun visors have been uprooted for a sparing of almost a kilo, while the particular louvered back deck is 3kg lighter than the glass thing it replaces. More than 100 sections were either uprooted or modified, and a further chance to spare weight was offered by discretionary fashioned haggles brake circles.
In the event that this moderation is excessively, you can put a couple of extravagances - and kilos - back in. Everything from a radio to covers are on the alternatives list, air-con is as well, in spite of the fact that it'll add 7.5kg to the kerbweight. In any case, even completely optioned up, the Exige remains a determined, centered auto.
An Audi TT or Porsche Cayman will give you the posture esteem and common luxuries for the monotonous routine and Sunday drives alike, the Exige is an auto for the track with sufficiently only to make it feasible out and about as well.
What's it like?:
If not the sub-ton flyweight of the first Exige, the V6 adaptation is still more than 200kg lighter than a Porsche Cayman S; that is doubly huge when you consider the scope of the 350ps, 3.5-liter supercharged V6 motor.

The proportionately estimated Cayman GTS approaches at 340ps, yet the Exige's 295lb ft of torque beats the Porsche's 280lb both by numbers and feel. The normally suctioned Porsche may set the hairs on your neck shivering, however it needs revs to convey its best. The prompt punch of the supercharged Lotus - and its absence of weight - means it feels much, much quicker in all cases.
Its closest on-paper rival as far as value and lightweight moderation is likely the more intriguing looking Alfa Romeo 4C. Its extravagant carbon fiber tub might mean it's lighter, however its turbocharged four-barrel motor can't keep tabs with the sheer snort of the Lotus' V6.
The Lotus likewise shows up the Alfa as far as taking care of. Shrewdly there are no noteworthy changes to the suspension, past a honing of the camber and toe to dial out the beginning understeer present in the first S. The non-helped guiding is overwhelming at low speed, however magnificently open at pace, bolstering back subtleties of grasp and street surface through minuscule movements in weight through the minor edge.
This makes it an enjoyment to drive straight up to the plainly broadcasted limits, the execution completely exploitable even on an oily track or snowy Norfolk B-street on the grounds that you feel so personally included in what the auto is doing. It might be a touch more pointy at the front end, yet the Exige still has an exceptionally safe set-up, delicately honing its line with a lift of the throttle and offering extension to get more imaginative with its cornering position on the off chance that you so wish.
The smart "Race" method of the Lotus Dynamic Performance Management security control gives you enough elbowroom to investigate this, while keeping up a wellbeing net in the event that you exceed the imprint. Indeed, even completely separated the Exige stays unsurprising, fun and pleasant, however.
Its new uncovered gearshift linkage is a flawless touch, additionally a visual update Lotus has buckled down on enhancing this conventional shortcoming in Elise-based autos. Given by the Evora 400, it's speedier, more positive and more pleasant to use than any other time in recent memory. The programmed alternative remains, however is truly there to cook for business sectors where manuals don't offer - Porsche's PDK is a vastly improved choice in the event that you incline toward a two-pedal auto.

Should I purchase one?:
In the event that you think cutting edge execution autos have lost the plot with their unlimited contraptions and doohickeys, blended controls and lardy kerbweights, then totally. There aren't numerous alternatives staying for the genuine perfectionist driver, however the Exige Sport 350 is one of them, holding simply enough day by day convenience to make it act as a solitary auto, while conveying the sort of track-centered accuracy no adversary can touch.
Since it's light you could pound cycle a circuit throughout the day without trepidation of destroying brakes or tires as well, making the intermittent track day well inside of its ability with no worries about costly consumables. While it would be a waste to purchase an Exige and not do this once in a while it's additionally a convincing street auto, two clearly unique ascribes couple of autos figure out how to effectively pull off.
This center is not without trade off however. The fat ledges and shallow entryways make it difficult to get in and out of with any style, its moderation will come as a stun to those usual to standard autos and the power of the input through the non-helped controlling will in like manner be something of a reminder.
However, that is the Exige's magnificence - it makes no expressions of remorse for being an unmitigated lover's auto, and for that, and its capacity to experience the brand DNA of conveying more execution and less weight, it remains a much needed refresher.
Dan Trent
Lotus Exige Sport 350 manual
Area Hethel; On Sale Now; Price £55,900; Engine 6 cyls, 3499cc, supercharged, petrol; Power 345bhp at 7000rpm; Torque 295lb ft at 4500rpm; Gearbox 6-spd manual; Kerb weight 1125kg unladen; Top velocity 170mph; 0-62mph 3.9sec; Economy 28.0mpg (joined); CO2/charge band 235g/km, 37