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Mitsubishi Outlander Turbo

Mitsubishi Outlander Turbo

The pearl autoconcern of the Country of a rising sun has created the car, capable to satisfy inquiries of the most captious buyer and, it's necessary to tell is not mere words. It's necessary to notice, that stable quality of production is firm credo of motorcar giant Mitsubishi. In difference from the previous model, Outlander Turbo differs a little bit other blocks of headlights, the cast 17 inch disks, which which give to the car certain "a sports bearing".

Outlander Turbo

Getting inside, really you admire conservative design of salon. The steering wheel is sheathed by a skin, is equal as all internal furniture. Having settled down at the wheel you feel with what responsibility the Japanese masters have executed a driver's place, to sit in the car — well very comfortably! In the course of driving to comfort the confidence increases.

New Outlander Turbo

Management elements all on the places. You wish to be switched — the hand lays down on the gear change lever, has wanted to turn on the right — the finger itself includes the turn index. The car is made for the maximum accuracy, that nothing distracted attention from road.

MitsubishiIn Mitsubishi Outlander Turbo there are no up-to-date touch monitors and other intellectual management — the car for those who loves driving and in a condition itself to define a movement direction. However all necessary is present: the full electropackage, the conditioner, the onboard navigator informing on how many of kilometres to you remains gasoline, modern system of the alarm system, a safety pillow, glass hatches, a bar. In the car it's enough space more than. Back places Develop in a proportion 1:2, therefore the size of a luggage space — accepts truly huge characteristics.

Outlander Turbo it is supplied by 2 litre engine got on-inheritance from Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII, however prefix Turbo not with is simple, the turbine is a main innovation of the car. So, the declared power is equal 250HP. Thus, the car all-wheel drive with draught distribution on 50% on each axis.


Especially it would be desirable to note 5 step transmission. Switching so as if you do not switch at all, all accurately and smoothly. Coupling well matched to a transmission, and here the brake — "iron" — where has pressed, there and has stopped. The car is more tremendous enters into turns and perfectly holds road. Of course, the quick horsy, provokes to feats, but the main thing literally — not to become presumptuous.

Mitsubishi Turbo

2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Turbo

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