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Mitsubishi has updated a SUV Outlander


In sale modernised cars SUV Outlander from company Mitsubishi have arrived.

2011 Mitsubishi Outlander

Updating of variator CVT and fall of running resistance have allowed to optimise the fuel expense. Also now with lower tax are assessed not only front-wheel SUV Outlander, but also cars with a full drive. Besides, there were some changes in accessible complete sets: now the car is presented in a new complete set of a class premium — 24G Premium, and complete sets 30G and 30MS are abolished.

The updated cars have received the new stylish chromeplated lattice of a radiator, and the car 24G Premium have the same lattice of a radiator with what the abolished complete sets were equipped. Complete sets 24MS, 24G and 24G Premium are equipped with new 18-inch aluminium disks.

Novelties are presented in 7 colours, including, in 2 new — a brown metallic and dark blue. Following colours are abolished: a green metallic, a beige metallic and dark blue. As to salon changes — cars have got sitting from a new material, and also the panel of devices and the display, executed in new design.

Novelties also are equipped with system ESS, and complete sets 24MS, 24G and 24G Premium — system of intuitive illumination. For a month it is planned to sell 700 copies updated SUV Outlander. New off-road car Mitsubishi Outlander cost makes from 2,100,000 and to 2,887,500 yens.

SUV Outlander

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