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Tuners Cargraphic modernised diesel Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne

German tuning company Cargraphic has presented the program of completions for the diesel version of crossover Porsche Cayenne.

Crossover Porsche Cayenne

The chip-tuning (1,184 euros) enters into a package, allowing to increase power of a 3,0-l 6-cylinder diesel engine with 240 to 290HP, and twisting moment — with 550 to 630Nm. Similar indicators has reached studio Techart, having reduced time of dispersal of the car.

Porsche Cayenne by Cargraphic

Tuners Cargraphic suggest to update a suspension bracket, having reduced a road gleam, for 1,442 euros. The aerodynamic weather-cloth includes a forward bumper with four antifog headlights (2,136 euros), the expanded wings (1,232 euros), lateral "skirts" (1,006 euros) and a back air inlet (470 euros). On wheels put 20 and 22-inch disks.

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