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Acura has presented the updated version of crossover RDX

Crossover Honda

The 1st pictures and characteristics Acura RDX are published 2010 modelling years. Brand Acura — luxury division of concern Honda to the USA — has presented the updated variant of crossover Acura RDX. Has presented without superfluous noise, simply having updated gallery and descriptions on the official site.

Crossover Acura RDX

As one would expect, RDX has received a firm lattice of a radiator. Besides it forward antifog headlights, air inlets have changed. Behind it is possible to find out the six-coal exhaust pipes, a new decorative lattice. Acura RDX 2010 modelling years it will be accessible in updating with a forward drive is a good news to those provided Americans who loves a combination of luxury, practicality and the small expense of fuel.

Without dependence from drive type, RDX it's equipped by a 2,3-litre 4-cylinder turbo-engine power of 243HP and the maximum twisting moment in 352Nm.

Salon Acura RDX

Salon Honda RDX

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