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Aggressive Mustang from Randall Reed Ford

Ford Mustang

In the world set of tuning studio which "pump over" Ford Mustang last generation, — accordingly a competition very severe. Randall Reed Ford has decided to go artful by and to offer a 700-strong package of completion of "Mustang" through own dealer network FoMoCo on all country. To tuners will compete with some difficulty with the large dealer.

Randall Reed Ford Mustang

Experts of tuning division Randall Reed Ford have finished Mustang 2010 together with Artisan Performance and have achieved productivity in 700HP for the account of modernisation of the power unit and installation of system "twin-turbo". Together with turbo-compressors the mechanical check point so to fans of "automatic machine" has not carried can work only.

Besides the "powerful" motor, Ford Mustang in torture chambers Artisan Performance has received new brake system from SSBC with 14-inch brake disks and wheel disks iForged dimension of 20 inches. Outwardly, the car to look became more aggressive and is more sports for the account of the new bodi-whale expanded on one and a half inch in a forward part and on three in back. Two-ton colouring from BASF finishes a picture.

The price yet is not informed. The supercar should go on sale in the summer of 2009.

2011 Ford Mustang

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