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5-l engine V8 will appear at Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang

In scale of engines coupe Ford Mustang GT next modelling year there will be a 5-l 8-cylinder engine power of 412HP which will come in the stead of the old 315-strong 4,6-l unit with similar number of cylinders. On it informs American edition Inside Line referring to messages in networks Facebook and Twitter where for the first time there was this information before official announcement.

Coupe Ford Mustang GT

Earlier it was informed, as the second motor in a ruler — 4-l V6 power of 210HP — will be replaced on 3,7-l engine Cyclone. Such engine begins to be aggregated with a 6-step automatic or mechanical transmission. Coupe Ford Mustang with new V6 and "mechanics" in a city mode will spend about 13 litres of gasoline for 100 km of a way, and on a line — 8 litres.

Ford Mustang GT 2010

Besides new motors "Mustang" of next modelling year also will have other electroamplifier of the steering, the recustomized suspension bracket, more powerful brakes, the improved noise isolation, modifed aerodynamic elements, and also the new instrument panel. Since August of 2010 for a coupe it will be possible to order and a new sport package with more rigid suspension bracket, an extension between forward racks, 19-inch wheel disks and the recustomized system of stabilisation which will have a special sports mode.

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