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1985 Ford Mustang (retro)

Muscle-car Mustang

At Internet auction eBay frequently it is possible to find rare or and at all unique cars: ancient retromobiles; the cars collected by any master manually or created on the basis of serial models which already cannot be identified in a final variant.

Legendary Muscle Car 1985 Ford Mustang

This time on sale muscle-car Ford Mustang GT of 1985 of the release, equipped with the V-shaped eight-cylinder five-litre engine is exposed. If to trust speedometer indications run at this car for 24 years has made only 160 km. Despite an ideal condition in which there is a muscle-car, wishing to get a curiosity while a little. The maximum sum which offer for Mustang GT at present, — $18,100US.

1985 Ford Mustang GT

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