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Aston Martin has revived mark Lagonda

Martin Lagonda

Aston Martin has constrained a word to revive mark Lagonda, having presented to public on the Geneva Motor show the new concept car.

The most remarkable has appeared that fact, that a novelty — an off-road car with 22-inch wheels and powerful engine V12 that is completely not characteristic for Aston Martin.

About manufacture of cars Lagonda in the given economic situation speech does not go yet, but the chairman of board of directors Aston Martin Dr. Ulirch Bez has expressed hope, that cars under new mark will be on sale in more than 100 countries, not looking that Aston Martin are on sale now only in 32. Special hope in the company assign to the countries of the Near East, China. India, and, of course, America.

Aston Martin

Aston Lagonda

Photo by: Aston Martin

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