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Cygnet — the disgusting duckling from Aston Martin


After one of leading world information automobile portals has illustrated development of relations between two friendly manufacturers from Germany a shot from a film the "Godfather", new tiny Aston Martin to frighten could not any more, HAS only fairly surprised.

That scene when one of characters of a film finds out a head of a favourite horse and the new conceptual car which the British firm has decided to construct on the basis of subcompact Toyota iQ in the bed means.
This kid really awfully looks. With disproportionately big "fish" firm "mouth" and goggle "eyes", he and asks for reservoir — to eat all live, as if any piranha.

But the impression corrects a novelty name. Obviously, marketing experts Aston Martin possess fair humour, if named this car Cygnet, that in a translation from English means «a young swan».
Therefore we will cease to criticise design compact Aston Martin Cygnet (only under the unique image of not finished plasticine breadboard model) and we will reflect on expediency of this car.

To whom it is necessary Aston Martin in the length less than three metres, equipped (at the best) the 4-cylinder engine in volume of 1,3 litres and power of 98 h.p.?
The same question can be set a little differently: «Who will buy Toyota iQ, changed clothes in Aston Martin, under the price exceeding the original version?»
It is necessary to specify, that on Toyota iQ it is used also the 3-cylinder motor in volume less than litre and power of 68 h.p., and also a 90-strong diesel engine.
But we will hope, that last two variants do not threaten owners Aston Martin. Though, no official information in this occasion yet existed.

The chief executive of British company Ulrich Bez answers both questions as follows: «the Firm from Gaydon plans to offer Cygnet to the clients already owning Aston Martin DB9, DBS or Vantage (or gathering to get one of them), as the second car».
And in it there is a big sense. As it is difficult to disagree that many of owners of "adult" models Aston Martin besides the favourites also have cars which use for so-called "working" trips.

However questions still remain. First, why as "the working car» should be considered by all means «Aston Martin»?
Secondly, for what reasons the English company has decided to co-operate with Toyota?
It is possible to present, that owner Aston Martin uses for trips to a city or the nearest supermarket, for example, Volkswagen Golf, Honda Civic, Ford Focus or Ford Ka. But in this case even last variant will not be rational as it is considered unduly big. For the similar purposes the car in length less than 3 metres is necessary.

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