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Honda has presented tuning package Modulo for Stream

Honda Stream

After some days after the beginning of sales in Japan restyling the version the minivein and updatings of firm tuning packages from Mugen, on the market leaves version Modulo.

Honda Stream by Modulo

Car Honda Stream from Modulo, presented Honda Motor under brand Modulo, is changed only as regards appearance, unlike other tuning brand — Mugen, known first of all by perfection of a technical component. The structure of package Modulo includes the modified bumpers, overlays on thresholds and a small spoiler on the fifth door. The tuning system of release becomes unique addition influencing car dynamic characteristics: however, the system is not included into obligatory structure of a package. In car salon on former without changes.

The forward optics of the car remained without changes, and back can be replaced at will: new lanterns on the basis of light-emitting diodes are provided. Cost of tuning package Modulo for Honda Stream is not called. The car is calculated on installation in the sports version RS-Z differing from standard absence of two places for passengers in a back part of salon, but can be completed and in base complete set Honda Stream.

2009 Honda Stream

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