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Paparazzi photographed a new Civic sedan without a camouflage

Honda Civic

It seems that updated version of a family Honda Civic sedan reached that stage after which the premiere of a novelty can take place literally in any day. Anyway, the photos which have been finished in Near-Eastern desert by journalists Car Middle East testify to about it.

Honda Civic 2011

Judging by the presented photo, the design of the new Civic does not differ from old version. More likely, this car concerns a category cardinally modernised, than made anew. The freshest elements are tail lights, however the general silhouette of a car remained invariable.

As to a passenger compartment the interior also has been moderately renewed. For example, designers changed the form of a car wheel and changed some lateral panels, leaving the central extension housing without visible intervention by Honda Civic tuning.

In the relation of assortment of power units and prospective sales date information is absent.

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