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Honda will not create rear-wheel cars and engines V8

Company Honda

The new president of the company has definitively defined strategy according to which in modelling number Honda and Acura there is no place to the cars equipped with 8-cylinder engines and a back drive.

The classical scheme with a forward arrangement of the engine and a drive on back wheels continues to remain classical, but Honda Motor intends resolutely to change the given trend. The president of company Takanubo Ito who have accepted in past month reins of government at Takeo Fukui, has unequivocally declared it during a designation of new strategy of development Honda Motor. As he said, «has no special sense to try to create that already is offered many motor-car manufacturers throughout last fifty years».

Thus, Ito meant not only the classical scheme as that, but the concrete configuration which was expected from Honda throughout several years, namely a back drive in a combination to the 8-cylinder engine. V8 it is definitively deleted from company plans, at least on the foreseeable future. Instead Honda sees the purpose development of hybrid installations on the basis of 4-cylinder both 6-cylinder V-shaped engines and equipment of the wide list of models by them: not only compact, but also concerning larger and even the full-size. Will accent similar schemes in a combination to a full drive. In other cases the preference will be given front-wheel configurations.

It's necessary to notice, that among the Japanese manufacturers, models of cars with V8 and a back drive offer only Toyota and Nissan.

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