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KIA Sportage is Recognised «by the Ideal Car 2009» in the USA

KIA Sportage

Crossover KIA Sportage became the owner of the award «Ideal car AutoPacific 2009» in a class compact SUV, press-service KIA Motors informs.

KIA Sportage (crossover)

As they say in the message, the given award is based on quantitative research of degree of conformity of the car to expectations of clients. «The ideal car» that which owner after use within three months, would like to change in the car as small as possible admits, having left all how has been conceived by designers.

For definition of winners of competition it has been interrogated more than 32,000 owners of cars in the USA. As criteria of an estimation 15 various positions among which trust of consumers, reputation of model, conformity of real characteristics to expectations of owners etc. As a result of KIA Sportage has typed 1,224 points from 1,500 greatest possible have been chosen.

2011 KIA Sportage

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