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The Most Beautiful Cars In the World

Mercedes-Benz E-class

Germans than do not differ from Americans meaning that they also to madness love German cars. And they not only consider the domestic cars as the technically most-made, but also are assured, that only in Germany all most beautiful cars and all most beautiful conceptual cars are made.

Silently and peacefully approximately 50 thousand readers of automobile magazine Auto Bild most popular in Germany annually define among last models got on the markets of Europe, the most beautiful car in the world German cars become which always.

Audi Respected

At 1st, in 2006, is was Audi TT. In 2007 the most beautiful car in the world became Audi R8. In 2008 Germans have counted as the most beautiful new (in respect of design a little than differing from old) Audi A4. One year ago for Audi A4 have given the voices of 6,89% of readers Auto Bild.

Top model 2009, after several successively victories Audi, a title in 2009 took new model Mercedes-Benz: 13 percent of readers have chosen an E-class, as most beautiful of new market models. It is the highest result shown by the winner for all last years of carrying out AUTO BILD Design Award. It is necessary to notice, that in voting of German magazine participate not only Germans. 99113 voting for various models are inhabitants of 27 different countries. The truth influence of readers from other regions minimum.

Luxury E-class

Readers urged to vote, being based only on personal aesthetic design of the car, without a binding to the price, a sales volume or advertising of those or other models.

Volkswagen Polo

This time the prestigious German award has left to Stuttgart home a new star in a segment of business sedans — Mercedes-Benz an E-class. It is possible for the company and it is necessary to be proud of such result as the victory is gained in struggle over 83 models-applicants, and also that it was possible to bypass among other and models from Ingolstadt — Audi have been always very favourite by readers Auto Bild.

The second place in the given competition of beauty, took other German car Opel Insignia. Result Insignia — 10,1%. This one more proof of that cars Opel again can cause rough emotions. On the third place leaves VW with new model Polo for which 8,5% of participants of interrogation which new Polo has struck the simple elegance have voted. So it is a trio — new leaders of the market of 2009.

This year all 83 new models which have appeared in the European car market within last year have been divided into 5 categories. In each category are especially celebrated not only the winner, but also prize-winners. Also it is necessary — among 15 cars thirteen are products of the German companies and their engineers.

European Golf

In Germany make the most beautiful cars in categories "small and compact" cars, "sedans and versatile persons", "a compartment and cabriolets", "off-road cars", "minivans", "concept cars".

Opel Insignia

Germans have chosen German design. In a category "And", "Small and compact" cars with an enormous separation has won VW Polo. The car has collected 42,4% of voices. On the second place in this class — all the same "Deutsche ordnung" VW Golf with design comes from 1991 (then there was a third generation well-known VW Golf) — 20,3 percent of voices...

The Third place, with result of 7,2%, has got Ford Ka, as a matter of fact, too the German car as Ford Europe is based in Cologne.

Winners in a following class too it is good to us are familiar. In group B, "sedans and versatile persons", the first Opel Insignia Sport Tourer for which 32,5 % of respondents have voted. To the second here became new Mercedes E-Class with tiny backlog in 2 % of voices. On the third place again the German car — newly appeared premium-handsome man Porsche Panamera. 17.3% from almost 100 000 thousand persons have voted for this car.

Audi A4

In a category "With", a compartment and cabriolets we also have a German trio. The compartment all the same new Mercedes the E-class has settled down on the top of a rating of the category, having collected 24,9% of voices. Mercedes-Benz an E-class will replace in a company ruler a former compartment under name CLK. The second place have awarded Audi A5 Cabrio for which 21,3% of readers Auto Bild have voted, on visible fans of a wind and the sun. On respectful distance from this couple with result of 11,3% remained BMW Z4.

And here in a camp of off-road cars at Germans not everything is all right. Two models are made of three leaders not in Germany. All the matter is that all German novelties in this class have fallen to last year. And lately there was only one model and, it is natural — on the 1st place. With result of 44,7%, that twice is more than at the second place, ahead of a planet of all Audi A4 AllRoad. 21,3% have voted for the first off-road car from the Czech manufacturer Skoda Yeti, constructed on a German platform from VW Tiguan. Saab 9-3X has received a bronze medal. Despite pleasure concerning the award from precious metal, Swedes are hardly glad to result of all in 6,7%. And after all the sum of actives of the companies, not a sales volume of cars to Germany and not knowledge engineers of German language, and design undertakes in calculation not. In this component designers Saab obviously have not deserved such fate.

Opel Ampera

Among 29 concept cars models of the German companies became the best. Audi Sportback which is a prototype of the future serial A7, has collected 14,7% of voices. In immediate proximity from Audi Sportback A7 is Opel Ampera. The car undoubtedly, according to Germans, is better than twin Chevrolet Volt. 12.6% of readers have chosen Ampera and the serial electric future which should begin for this model in 2011. VW Roadster 12,3% of voices. Thus the second and third places in this category divides only 0,3%. Whether this roadster will serially become, is not clear yet, but in circles close to VW such possibility is discussed. In case of the positive decision on this model — release VW Roadster it's necessary to expect not earlier than 2012.