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GM has shown the official photos of Opel Ampera

Opel Ampera

On the eve of world premiere Opel Ampera press-service General Motors has shown the 1st photo of the conceptual car.

Opel Ampera

The shape of an electromobile in many respects reminds conceptual model Flexstream, and also has some lines Insignia, received in last year a title «The European Car Of Year»: thus, Ampera plan to make the full representative of family Opel, instead of banal subcategory Chevrolet Volt.

At the same time "stuffing" of a five-door four-seater electric hatchback remains same, as at Volt. The car is supplied by the "rigid" hybrid installation Voltec providing a stock of a course to 60 km only on the electric power. At sharing of electric and petrol motors run between additional charges increases to 500 km. Batch production Opel Ampera, predictably, starts in 2011.

2010 European Car

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