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Audi Blockbuster
Roadster Audi R8

Audi R8 Roadster

Remember, in a film «Iron Man» the protagonist which role was executed by Robert Downey Jr., moved on compartment Audi R8?
Soon there is a second part of a picture, and automobile predilections of the Iron person have not changed. The actor will appear again at the wheel «Audi R8», but this time not a compartment, and a roadster. Until recently the car was it is terribly coded.

The proof to they be espionage pictures on which the car is embodied during shootings. The official debut of a central-motor roadster will take place very soon — on the motor-show in Frankfurt. But already now it's possible to admire the open sports car possessing very sexual appearance.

Audi Roadster

We while precisely do not know, how the body of a novelty will be strengthened and how much more hard a compartment there will be a roadster. But are assured, that in the market there will be two versions all-wheel drive a sport car — with 420-strong motor V8 4.2 and with engine V10 5.2 power of 520HP. The demountable top by tradition Audi will be soft, and here all other details will reveal more close to a premiere.

Audi Roadster

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