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Toyota adjusts manufacture of the mass harmless car

Toyota FCHV

At the moment of an exit on the market, cost of similar cars will be record-breaking low, despite of novelty of technology. Toyota Motor has extended the new information concerning development of own program of cars on alternative fuel elements. The company counts, that their cost at the moment of an exit on the market will be «shocking low».

2011 Toyota FCHV

Toyota Motor it is full determination to present the car on alternative fuel (hydrogen) which on availability will compete with petrol, simultaneously possessing a number of essential advantages, first of all in respect of profitability and ecological compatibility. Toyota it's satisfied by progress which already managed to be reached and level of the developed technologies.

In 2015 cars on hydrogen fuel will enter the market, allegedly, irrespective of, whether the infrastructure for their service and refuelling will be developed enough or not. At present the Japanese motor-car manufacturer how consumers will concern new type of cars worries. The hybrids, in particular special version Prius should become a certain marketing prototype Plug-In.

Serial cars on hydrogen fuel Toyota will be developed on the basis of the technologies, continuing to be improved on prototype FCHV. It's constructed on the basis of model Toyota Highlander/Kluger, but it at all does not mean, the company underlines, that the first serial car on fuel elements becomes Highlander. Most likely it will be much more compact model.

It's necessary to notice, that the unique Japanese car on alternative fuel is Honda FCX Clarity, accessible in Japan and the USA in original hire-rent. To buy model while rent is impossible, and here, for example, in California will manage in $600/month.

FT-CH Hybrid Concept by Toyota

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