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Volvo promises to adjust a batch production of new hybrid V70

Volvo V70

According to Auto vs Car company Volvo promises to adjust a batch production of hybrid V70 new a diesel engine-electric not later than 2012. Car working out is conducted in cooperation with power company Vattenfall.

Volvo V70

Volvo and Vattenfall will create the joint venture which efforts will adjust manufacture of hybrid V70. The car will unite in itself the powerful electromotor and a turbodiesel.

Besides, company Volvo plans to construct three more prototypes of hybrids on the basis of model V70. Basically the given models will be used for gathering and generalisation of the information on operational characteristics which will be applied subsequently to debugging of serial versions of a hybrid.

Experts Vattenfall will use from its part collected information for improvement of systems of gymnastics of the car in house conditions and stations of special high-speed gymnastics of storage batteries of hybrids.

Photo by: Auto vs Car

Volvo + Vattenfall

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