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The US Air Forces have created two absolutely unique cars


The majority of us considers, that crisis has come because of ocean. Looking at some propaganda projects of the American authorities, really you start to trust in it. The propaganda car of the Ministry of Defence of the USA has reached the most sacred — the presents muscle cars. And the sense of the new project is not clear even after detailed studying. As military-air forces of the USA spend money of tax bearers?

Super Challenger

Salon Dodge

They pay to the tuning companies that those have made for them exclusive cars! The idea is close to absurdity, but it is a reality. Garage Galpin Auto Sports, world renowned on teleshow Pimp My Ride, has prepared by request of the Air Forces of the USA at once two cars. Strategic value of the given project, apparently, is clear only to customers, however the result of experiences is curious.

Ford Mustang

For experiment took one of the most popular cars among youth — Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang.

Dodge Challenger

Dodge have issued in style of fighters Stealth — matte colouring, aviation motives in registration of an aerodynamic package. But the most interesting — inside. Instead of a habitual motor show in it Dodge — real cabin of the pilot of a fighter. The instrument panel has lost any hints on design — all is subordinated functionality. Two steering wheels, control levers draught, other buttons-switches, as if borrowed from a training apparatus for beginning pilots.

Salon Mustang

The project has received name Vapor. Except the powerful motor and other "camouflage" in Vapor have built in the chamber which can supervise all event round the car. By itself, there are chambers of night vision and even the system of remote management using the Internet. Ford Mustang have altered even more considerably. Though colour have chosen "not authorised" — white. Except the additional weather-cloth thoroughly recutting external dimensions, outside of foretells nothing surprises. But it's necessary to open a door equipped with the mechanism of opening in style Lamborghini, speech gift vanishes for some minutes from a picture, opening to a sight.

Supercar Mustang

Devices surround the driver, as in a plane cabin. A large quantity of toggle-switches, aviation belts on an armchair, other surroundings... And instead of a wheel — automatically put forward steering wheel. Effectively, but from the point of view of ergonomics — it is rather doubtful. Knowingly for more than centenary history of motor industry the form of a wheel both remained round, and remains... But designers pursued other aims — at any cost to impress youth.

The pilot of a fighter

Apparently, these “the pumped over wheelbarrows” should involve new recruits in army of the USA. But there is a pair of the moments: only the finished booby can expect, that after signing of the contract of the recruit the fascinating trip on the similar device waits. This to two to "conceptual workings out” and can stay in the experiment status. Successful or not — to the Joint Staff of the Air Forces of the USA is more visible.

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